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Shop Seasonally, the smartest way to shop…

Where to start, Britain has an amazing array of produce but many get much unnecessary bad press in search of produce from further afield. The list goes on and on but I have chosen some of my favourites for February.

Fruit Veg Herbs

Rhubarb Kale Mint

Blood Oranges Carrots Squashes

Smarter because it is more cost effective as there is an abundance of the produce and smarter as there are less environmental miles to transport from farm to supplier, with any luck that is your local greengrocer or farmers market. But for me I am all about flavour and quality therefore the smartest of them all is that the produce is harvested at optimum ripeness to distribute to us.

It is not about purchasing staggering amounts of food but buying what you need to avoid waste or preserving the excess to create longevity to the season in a completely different way whether the increasingly popular processes of fermenting and preserving. I treat myself to a weekly/ fortnightly organic veg box from Riverford. It was so amazing during the lockdowns and has also created an excitement in me in the kitchen...challenging a new recipe with each new ingredient.


So deliciously tart and beautifully pink whatever the season (forced or otherwise). Absolutely love rhubarb with ginger whether cake, tart or crumble. We are currently in forced rhubarb season which tends to be a little sweeter.

Blood Oranges

Much like all citrus fruits these can be used in dressings, salads, cakes plus so much more as well as being enjoyed as a whole fruit. The short season of blood oranges needs to be taken advantage of fully. All versions of citrus work very similarly, however, they all create different flavours and levels of tartness equally well across both sweet and savoury food..


Kale of any description has been a wonder during the winter… I stir through soups, add to scrambled eggs plus sprinkle a layer between potatoes and tomatoes in a traybake. The flavour is incredibly rich and packed with nutrients but absolutely delicious.


Raw or cooked, so many conversations over the table but I love them every which way. Soups are my main way of consuming carrots in the cold, dark days of February but love them in winter slaws and Persian carrot salads


Nothing simpler and more satisfying than cutting a squash in half, scooping out seeds, drizzling with a little oil and spices of choice then roast until the flesh is soft. So delicious!


Love the refreshing tea but really enjoy winter salads or pesto on its own or with a selection of herbs. Such an aromatic addition to the everyday.

Hopefully this has given you some food for thought...there is so much pretty much on our doorstep that can create a better environment for us. If we all purchased and cooked a little more thoughtfully we would all really reap the rewards.

Whilst I continue to enjoy February has to offer, I am a little excited about new seasons and new foods. Lovely Bread & Stuff will continue to look towards the seasons for inspiration for the weekly menus.

Look forward to you sharing your seasonal fruit and veg pics whether in the garden or on a plate. Please share with #LBandSFood

See you soon.

Jo x

P.S. please let me know what you would like to see at the table?


2021 continues to hit us with a whole lot more of the crazy that we would love to escape. We are all hanging in there with home-schooling, working from home & supporting everyone around us. I am continuing with delivering allergy friendly treats, it is lovely to be part of the surprise. This week has seen many birthday treats in the form a cake. Love gift boxes, whether sweet or savoury, can be given you anyone you love including yourself. A simple pleasure of fresh food delivered to your/their door.

Unfortunately, some events will no longer go ahead but you'll be delighted to hear that I am in the process of moving and adding dates, both with Lovely Bread hat on and also in my other guises - Table Stories and Cooking courses. All of my events are tailored to be allergy-friendly - this means that you can socialise safe in the knowledge that you won't be eating something you'll regret!

Details as follows:

Table Stories Mexican Supper Club 12th March 2021 ( additional dates coming soon)

Gather and enjoy an evening without boundaries, allergy friendly food your friends and family will love. Join us

Book Here

Cooking Courses (new dates coming soon)

Having allergies is not as tricky as you think…learn how to prepare quick tasty and nutritious allergy friendly (100% Gluten Free), vegetarian meals using simple and seasonal ingredients. Each evening will include quick and tasty recipes, plus ideas to tweak ingredients to create new recipes. You will get to sample each week’s menu and take home recipes to make your own.

This is the perfect gift idea for the budding cooks in your life!

Private Dining *(directly or via Create 98)

I am also now cooking for private dining events in your home or at Create 98,

Please get in touch with me, if you'd like to know more.


And as always, Lovely Bread and Stuff are baking and supplying you with the best allergy-friendly goods. Here is a sample of our Monday menus - follow on Instagram or Facebook to see latest menus, subscribe or get in touch if you'd like to know more:


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