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Having been diagnosed with coeliac many years ago the first thing that I missed was bread, cakes and pastries. Being a passionate cook I started to make my own, persevering more and & more recipes with mixed results. 


Passionate about food tasting great despite having allergies. Lovely Eats & Stuff was born from a love of good food following a coeliac diagnosis (technically auto-immune) after realising that enjoyment of safe food was not the main focus from suppliers therefore I strive to change this. Realising there was a community of people with all kinds of allergies and dietary requirements I began taking my fare to local farmers markets. Food should be enjoyed by everyone at the table.

Each item has been freshly made to order on a small scale from my home kitchen in Leigh on Sea, from quality ingredients, to ensure that cafes, farmer's markets and individual customers all receive the best product possible. 

Other than a love of food, I am married with two running, dancing, art & live music.

Enjoy what makes you happy!

Jo x

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