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"Daughter said best brownies she ever had. We adore the soda breads"


“Lovely Bread & Stuff is more than lovely! I can't get enough of Jo's seeded loaf! I have been known to bite chunks out of the loaf straight out of the paper bag it comes in because I can't wait the 2 mins it will take me to get to the kitchen. There are two bonuses to that, no one else can have any after I've sunk my teeth into it and it saves on washing up. And now after ordering the cream tea scones (devouring them and not sharing with my husband, as I'd sort of, maybe planned) I'll be ordering them again too! I'd highly recommend ordering from Jo for any occasion or for no occasion at all other you'd like something fabulous to eat."


"We have had a super delicious Friday after you delivered some baked items to me today as a gift from a friend. Not heard of you before and now the whole family is hooked!"

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