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How do you feel about change? Can often feel like the enemy but can be really important to empower.

Not only do we evolve physically & mentally as we age, our taste buds change & develop plus we look at how food can enhance us. Sometimes change is enforced on us and we take time to adjust but ultimately, we come to a solution that works.

What & when I eat has really changed through the years…definitely didn’t enjoy olives as a kid, however, they probably weren’t readily available in the 70s although a big fan nowadays! I used to enjoy milk chocolate & a biscuit more than I do now. I really do enjoy wine, a large slice of cake etc but not very often.

Always been into sport and had a healthy appetite but the options were very simplified. Now it's all about taking time to satisfy my love of food but giving me nutritional balance so I can continue to run as I age (50-54 age range at parkrun), with no intention of slowing down just yet!

My Meals Under 16

  • Weetabix or Ready Brek

  • Sandwich, Apple & Club

  • Chicken Curry, Rice & Veg

  • Plain Biscuit

My meals 45+

  • Homemade Granola, Greek Yogurt, Apple & Berry Compote (no sugar) + extra seeds

  • Leftover chicken, homemade slaw,, tomatoes, beetroot, gf toast & butter

  • Spicy Salmon, chickpeas & prawns with cooked tomatoes & gf pasta

  • Apple & nut butter

Food wise a big change for me was being diagnosed with Coeliac 9 years ago. The first year was awful…feeling like I was missing out but now I do not shy away from going out and enjoying food. I am not saying that there are no compromises along the way.

  • I always check a menu or speak to a restaurant beforehand

  • Still regularly get offered vegan options when not everything vegan is gluten free

  • Still have a drink without eating as I lack confidence in cross-contamination

  • A crumb can make me feel very poorly for days…and create damage internally

Life is getting easier but there is still a long way to go with allergies. Whether you do or don’t have allergies, our diet is our everyday medicine that keeps us all ticking.


Jo x

Menu for Friday Delivery (DM to Order)

Focaccia (GF/DF) £5


Date & Seed Soda Bread £5

Oat & Seed Bread £5

Soda Bread £4

Buckwheat Boule £5

£6 for 2/£11 for 4

Apple & Cinnamon Cake


Thursday 8th December – 2 sessions 3:30pm & 4.30pm

Have fun & decorate a selection of handmade Christmas biscuits to take home to enjoy! DBS Checked Teacher * Please advise on booking of any allergies or dietary needs

Click on link below to book


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