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September, I love you...

The seasonal food makes me very happy indeed, we quite often have some lovely sunshine, the season of change with back to school and new beginnings approach to life and then added to the mix it is my birthday.

I am sure you enjoying so much that September has to offer but here are some of my favourites for September, it's about flavour & quality therefore choose fresh.

Fruit Veg

Apples Fennel Blackberries Beetroot

Fig Chard

Sometimes tricky to resist the choice but the rest of September’s harvest can be saved for deep midwinter by preserving apples and freezing blackberries for use in wintry fruit pies and much more. Creating a long supply of really good food & smarter for both you & the environment.

It is not about purchasing staggering amounts of food but buying what you need to avoid waste or preserving the excess to create longevity to the season in a completely different way whether the increasingly popular processes of fermenting and preserving. Do not underestimate your freezer, I have a batch of fresh blackcurrants just waiting for something to happen!


I love a crisp apple in its purest form but so good sliced with cheese in a salad or stewed/grated over porridge complimented by the joy that they are really good for you.

In addition, a crumble or pie is a welcome treat with single cream, although everyone has their favourite accompaniment, we have it all covered with vanilla ice cream and custard in addition to cream.


Compliment both sweet & savoury dishes, and work well with apples.

Delicious on their own & so pretty on cakes or friands, however, the balance of sweetness with tartness makes a great addition to a pavlova with a medley of berries and currants and clouds of cream,


Although they are available to buy, I am watching and waiting patiently as mine become plump and ripe in the garden.

Figs are simply beautiful inside and out, the sweetness is so delicious as a fruit tart or over sliced atop porridge or granola but they really come alive when you serve with soft cheese and herbs. Voila!


Simply wilt with butter or olive oil , garlic, seasoning and squeeze of lemon juice although oranges work really well too.

I use chard where I would use spinach so stir through curries and stews at the end of cooking until wilted but retain their wonderful, intense colour.


Roasted beetroot has always been high on my list, not so keen on the purple hands but now with more produce at our fingertips than when I was a child, a larger repertoire of recipes is at hand and has moved on so far from just adding vinegar as part of a salad, which I did not enjoy much.

The versatility of roasting means I can cook with different vegetables; onions, squashes, peppers, carrots etc then serve over rice or pasta with a simple tomato sauce


With a soft aniseed flavour and crunchy texture, fennel gives salads a good base for just a simple dressing of choice or a slaw.

Once braised the flavour and texture mellows to create an amazing sauce. I love chicken, olives, garlic and orange juice plus a good splash of olive oil and season to taste.

Hopefully this has given you some food for thought...there is so much, pretty much on our doorstep that can create a better environment for us. If we all purchased and cooked a little more thoughtfully we would all really reap the rewards.

Whilst I continue to enjoy September has to offer, I am a little excited about new seasons and new foods. Lovely Bread & Stuff will continue to look towards the seasons for inspiration for the weekly menus.

Look forward to you sharing your seasonal fruit and veg pics whether in the garden or on a plate. Please share with #LBandSFood

See you soon.

Jo x

Let me know what you would love to see and if you have any questions. Follow me on LovelyBreadAndStuff (@lovelybreadandstuff) …….


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