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Is it really the best option to buy organic?

We are always told that buying organic is better for us, but is everything organic good for us or is it a marketing illusion? For many this is not an option let alone a consideration, regardless of whether they would like to, it may be purely economic. I know that it is not possible for us to live this way on our income in a house of pretty much four adults, either side of teens.

What I would really like to know is do you think it is better to buy an organic ready prepared meal or a non-organic dinner made from scratch?

I cook everyday from scratch, to varying degrees of complexity, but I have well-stocked cupboards, brimming with spices, herbs, tins, pulses, rice etc and other basics.. In addition, my fridge is filled with fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese and milk.

Taking comfort in the fact that I have been cooking my entire life, or as far back as I can remember, and have always been interested in exercise and health. Food is important to me in so many ways but I truly believe in balance.

Balance not just in its simplest form of carbs, protein & fat but where you have a variety of foods across the spectrum including all the colours of the wonderful fruit and vegetables we have available on our doorsteps, and if we have the urge in our gardens or windows sills too.

Balance is not excluding your favourite cake completely but enjoying it fully, and understanding that it is a treat and not your everyday.

These top food tips make me happy, and my eldest has already requested the recipes for when she leaves home. It is not rocket science or even new, just a gentle reminder.

  • Food should be a pleasure so buy the best quality ingredients (not necessarily the most expensive)

  • Choose seasonal fruit and vegetables, peak flavour and great for your pocket too

  • Shop local if you can

  • Learn a few simple meals that you can just whip up in 20-30 minutes from scratch

  • Make life easy, batch cook if you can even (sauces, soups and dinners)

  • Make life easy part 2, prep salads for a couple of days (slaws keep really well)

  • Frozen peas are amazing for those days when you need to be super speedy

  • As is spinach, wilt for two minutes with garlic, butter/olive/coconut oil, seasoning

  • Kids love food where they can choose...tapas and homemade pizzas are always popular, still are!

  • Finding time to move in whichever way makes you happy (running, dancing & walking with a good podcast is great way to clear your mind and exercise without knowing, my current fave is @tablemanners plus I love a little ballet too @balletbeatsuk so good for flexibility and boy can you feel your muscles working.

I could go on and on, but keeping it simple without frills does not mean no fun or flavour.

Balance really is the way. No fads or gimmicks you really know what food & drinks you should be eating & drinking in smaller quantities, and that a little exercise won't hurt your mind or body.

Live life healthy...most of the time.

See you soon.

Jo x

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