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How do you grow a business but keep it small and personal?

Definitely wrangled with this in my mind over the last year and have been inspired to write this by the Winning Women Clubhouse session last week.….everyone always talks about growing businesses as if it is necessary to have more people, premises or even bigger premises etc.

Bigger means better, right? I am not sure that's me, I am taking my cue from nature and taking my time.

Selling is not my thing, I would rather crawl under a rock so I turned things on their head and looked at how I would like to be treated. To put me into context, I didn’t want people to look at me on my wedding day, like that was going to happen!

Although I have come a long way from there, fundamentally I just really care about my customers' happiness.

  • I am passionate about fresh food without additives

  • I want everyone to enjoy food regardless of allergies

  • I take time to know my customers (new & existing)

  • I love the personal service, everyone is different much like allergy combinations

  • I bake fresh on delivery day to be enjoyed on the day

  • I can tweak to personal allergies (unfortunately not everything works)

  • It takes time but I love the connection

The bottom line is good food is incredibly important to me and everyone deserves to be able to enjoy food without fear of compromise or cross-contamination. Taste and quality are paramount so although I know I have much to learn about the whole area of business, I am really enjoying unfurling and growing as a person, cooking a variety of food for and with you all.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Thanks for your support.

Jo x

P.S. please let me know what you would like to see at the table?


I am enjoying a small taste of normality with a couple of outdoor tables booked along with the dreaded hair. Plus really enjoyed a massage earlier in the week. As always I am continuing with delivering allergy friendly treats, it is lovely to be part of the celebrations. This week sees more 'thank you' boxes, A simple pleasure of fresh food delivered to your/their door.

I am delighted to say that all dates have been moved, both with Lovely Bread hat on and also in my other guises - Table Stories and Cooking courses. All of my events are tailored to be allergy-friendly - this means that you can socialise safe in the knowledge that you won't be eating something you'll regret!

Details as follows:

Table Stories Cichetti Supper Club - 22 May, 7.30pm (2 TICKETS LEFT)

Table Stories Persian Summer Supper Club - 18 June, 7.30pm (FULLY BOOKED)

Gather and enjoy an evening without boundaries, allergy friendly food your friends and family will love. Join us

Cooking Courses:

Allergy Friendly Cooking Courses (3 week courses) - Starts 10 May and 21 June, 7.30

Build an Edible Hamper - 30 June, 7.30pm

France - Summer Entertaining - 26 July, 7.30pm

GF Choux - 1 August, 10am

GF Pasta Making - 21 August, 2pm

GF Afternoon Tea - 27 August, 2pm

Having allergies is not as tricky as you think…learn how to prepare quick tasty and nutritious allergy friendly (100% Gluten Free), vegetarian meals using simple and seasonal ingredients. Each evening will include quick and tasty recipes, plus ideas to tweak ingredients to create new recipes. You will get to sample each week’s menu and take home recipes to make your own.

This is the perfect gift idea for the budding cooks in your life!

Book here

Private Dining *(directly or via Create 98)

I am also now cooking for private dining events in your home or at Create 98,

Please get in touch with me, if you'd like to know more.


And as always, Lovely Bread and Stuff are baking and supplying you with the best allergy-friendly goods. Easter menu is out but here is a sample of our Monday menus - follow on Instagram or Facebook to see latest menus, subscribe or get in touch if you'd like to know more:



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