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Have you had to walk out of a restaurant because you couldn’t eat there?

Unfortunately that’s a yes from me. They were incredibly apologetic but fundamentally, olives and a side salad was not going to cut it!

There is nothing worse than having something marked as gluten, nut or dairy free etc to find that it has been cross-contaminated in the cooking or preparation process. Cakes sitting side by side, using the same knives, gloves, boards are all simple ways to contaminate food. While letting off a bit of steam, I am not overly keen on the question “have you got a real allergy?”.

I absolutely love food, pretty much everything as long as it’s cooked with care using great fresh ingredients...I am not really one for fast food but I really enjoy the experience of eating out. Well I did!

Now I cook at home almost everyday. I always have done, although not always filled with fun when you have a whole family of different tastes to contend with but we all get to squeeze a favourite in each week. And when I get a chance I go to town with recipe books but I take pleasure in making my breakfast and lunch totally for me, predominantly scrambled eggs, selection of veg and oat bread or my granola with greek yogurt and fruit, warmed cherries are a current winner depending on mood but always wholesome, where I just take time to enjoy.

Eating out is anything but relaxed, it has moved from a joyous spontaneous experience to a planned exercise, where's the fun in that. I totally understand that having a restaurant can be tricky when allergies or coeliac (autoimmune disease) are involved, especially with Natasha’s Law coming into force recently but with over 8% of the adult UK population having food allergies and/or being coeliac, and that is not including those that have a food intolerance. I fear it may get more tricky to eat out but I really believe it is about lack of understanding.

That said there are some cafes and restaurants that pride themselves, generally because someone close to them has allergies.

I suppose I am lucky that being coeliac would not cause a life-threatening anaphylaxis reaction but it would make my experience following a contaminated meal miserable and would damage my body. To make it a little trickier when it comes to gluten free alternatives, my allergy to nuts and seeds can trigger asthma attacks.

Still maintain food is about enjoyment whatever your allergies or dietary needs and will persevere to feel included in the world that bubbles around me.

Love food your way!

Jo x

Menu for Friday Delivery (DM to Order)

Celebrating National Apple Day on Thursday

Toffee Apple Cake £5 for 2


Soda Bread £3.50

Buckwheat Boule £4.50/6

Date & Seed Soda Bread £4.50

Oat & Seed Loaf £4.50

Classic Brownies £5 for 2

Halloween Gingerbread £5 for 6


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