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2021, how are you doing?

Well 2021 has arrived and I was hoping I would come back refreshed and reinvigorated from a relaxing Christmas but felt a little wiped out and dejected by constant negative news. Then I remembered what I had learnt from 2020…and, after a big deep breath, realised that I could use the positives to spur me back into action.

  • Cancelled Farmer’s Markets became Weekly Deliveries

  • Shortage in stock became a chance to test new recipes with new ingredients

  • Fear of talking over videos became the new Zoom norm

  • Cancelled events created adaptability

  • Last minute changes to restrictions created a greater flexibility

  • Creating new work opportunities

  • Creating collaborative opportunities

  • Said yes before I could think or talk myself out of it.

So 2020 a braver me, became a more resourceful person who has more time for and a deeper pleasure in the small things. I love food, cooking and what I do but I love to be able to help people to understand that allergies do not have to take the fun out of food.

Food is so important for your physical & mental well being, it is a way to connect whether making, nourishing or spending time to savour and enjoy the conversation.

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." -Virginia Woolf

It is simpler than you think to dine well...see events below.

See you at the table.

Jo x

P.S. please let me know what you would like to see at the table?


It was a crazy month month of delivering especially in that last week, my wonderful customers kept me extremely busy and with private dining event that managed to pip the lockdown to the post there was an array of meals, mince pies and festive treats flowing out of the doors! You'll be delighted to hear that I'll be continuing with various events, albeit changing with the times, both with Lovely Bread hat on and also in my other guises - Table Stories and with cook-a-longs too. All of my events are tailored to be allergy-friendly - this means that you can socialise safe in the knowledge that you won't be eating something you'll regret!

Details as follows:

Table Stories Ciccheti Supper Club (Create 98)16th Jan 2021 (see link below for changes)

Table Stories Supper Club :Antipasti 6th Feb 2021 (see link below for changes)

Table Stories Mexican Supper Club 12th March 2021

Gather and enjoy an evening without boundaries, allergy friendly food your friends and family will love. Join us

Book now Here

Allergy Friendly Cooking Course (3 weeks -Create 98) 18th & 25th Jan, 1st Feb 2021 (now a cook-a-long with ingredients supplied)

Having allergies is not as tricky as you think…learn how to prepare quick tasty and nutritious allergy friendly (100% Gluten Free), vegetarian meals using simple and seasonal ingredients. Each evening will include quick and tasty recipes, plus ideas to tweak ingredients to create new recipes. You will get to sample each week’s menu and take home recipes to make your own.

This is the perfect Christmas gift idea for the budding cooks in your life!

Book now Here

Private Dining via Create 98

I am also now cooking for private dining events at Create 98,

Please get in touch with me, if you'd like to know more.


And as always, Lovely Bread and Stuff are baking and supplying you with the best allergy-friendly goods. Here is a sample of our Monday menus - follow on Instagram or Facebook to see latest menus, subscribe or get in touch if you'd like to know more:



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